Wayne Aspland

Leadership communication
and content

Could your organisation use a communicator who is…


Goes beyond communications to engage people, align teams and deliver strategy, transformation and customer outcomes.


Super-inventive, particularly when it comes to research, storytelling and creating narratives, speeches, briefings and white papers.

Business savvy?

Walks the talk, with high levels of business acumen and Head of Communications, ELT, SLT and Investor Relations experience.


Always looking for new opportunities and better ways of doing things.


Working in (and writing about) digital media for more than 20 years… almost as long as the Internet’s been ‘a thing’.

You just found him.


Leadership Communication

Enabling strategy execution, transformation and culture change.

  • Organisational alignment
  • Employee engagement
  • Strategic narratives (including co-creation of purpose, vision and values)
  • Internal and external communication strategy
  • Corporate and product positioning
  • Communications counsel
  • Stakeholder and subject matter expert engagement
  • Research and analysis.

Leadership Content

Inspiring others with your ideas, beliefs, products and performance.

  • Thought leadership (including speeches, articles and white papers)
  • Briefings (including internal, Board, analyst and media)
  • Marketing (sales and marketing collateral, scripts, digital and other content)
  • Reports (corporate, strategic and financial)
  • Corporate Citizenship (Reconciliation Action Plans, diversity and inclusion, citizenship strategies)
  • Content strategy
  • Powerpoint design.

White papers

Join me and explore the future of Communications.

The robots are coming: AI, automation and the future of communications.

The fourth industrial revolution is rapidly changing the world of work. What opportunities (and challenges) does this create for communications professionals, and what should we be doing about it?

Strategic alignment: how communicators can change the face of leadership.

A ground-breaking global study that looks at how communicators can dramatically improve operational performance. Written with Zora Artis GAICD SCMP and the support of the IABC Foundation.

About Wayne


In a world of accelerating change, communication has never been more important to successful leadership. That’s because it’s the first step in:

  • The realisation of a vision or goal
  • The execution of a strategy, transformation or project
  • The leadership of your people and culture
  • The acquisition of a customer
  • The building of a brand or reputation
  • The commercialisation of an idea, innovation or start-up.


You can download The Content Factory’s ROAP (resume on a page) here.


Wayne Aspland is a writer and leadership communicator based in Geelong’s Bellarine Peninsula, just outside of Melbourne, Australia. He has more than 15 years’ experience in Corporate Communications (including Head of Function), strategy, digital and thought leadership.

Wayne researches extensively and creates strategic narratives, thought leadership and communications strategies that help leaders think about, talk about and realise their future. This includes supporting a growing number of strategy execution, digital transformation, strategic alignment and employee and stakeholder engagement projects.

Wayne has lectured in communications at Deakin University and is also an award-winning former member of the IABC Victoria Board.